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Project Details

Cardiovascular Associates

Project Name: Cardiovascular Associates
Date: May 2, 2011
Project Status: Completed
Location: Birmingham, AL
Tonnage: 340.00
Category: Warehouse

This building is a 3-story U-Shaped Facility with 34,500 square feet located in Birmingham, Alabama. IDS’ scope of work includes detailing of all structural members and miscellaneous ladders in AutoCAD with data files such as CNC, DXF & KSS files for Providential Fabricators, Inc. Structural scope includes anchor bolts, embeds, advance bill of materials, pipe columns, braced pipe columns, posts, beams/girders, braced beams, vertical rod braces with turnbuckles and clevises, a bridge that connects the open-U of the facility, edge conditions, roof openings, and a steel bridge that connects the structure itself to concrete parking building. Most of the beams and vertical rod braces framing to pipe columns used a slot-thru plate connection at one direction and face-mounted connections plates at the other direction. The beams connecting to the concrete wall utilizes the clip angle connection on embedded plates. IDS also provided the connection design including beam to column connections, vertical brace connections and pinned connection at the base of braced columns along the west side with calculations reviewed and stamped by SDG & GA Studio.

Every single detail of structural members created by IDS considered the 4-types of paint systems in order to have the correct paint being applied in the shop. These consist of the standard shop primer for concealed members, special paint primer for members exposed to view, galvanizing for members exposed to weather, and galvanizing prior to shop priming for members exposed to weather and view. The 4-types of paint systems have specific specifications that were carefully followed and it reflected in our shop drawings.