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Project Details


Project Name: Skybridge
Date: July 27, 2007
Project Status: Completed
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Tonnage: 60.00
Category: Warehouse

Skybridge at Community North Hospital

General Contractor: Summit Construction

Software: XSteel by Tekla

Skybridge at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis was the rapid yet successful culmination of many hours of Fabricator-Detailer discussions, dozens of 3-D Modeling examples and a synthesis of Design intent and fabrication shop capability. Detailed in 3-D in just 4 weeks, the Fabricator was able to conceptualize the finished product, build the complete box truss bridge, then knock it down for transportation to the jobsite.

Conceived as a six-part sectional knocked-down truss, the Fabricator built the sections 'convex down' on the shop floor, making each resemble large, curved lengths of railroad tracks. This allowed for much easier trucking to the jobsite, while at the same time allowing for relatively simple fit-up in the field by the erector.

The left and right sections of the braced top and bottom chords were welded together and the 3 'box' trusses were created, which included field-welding over 90 roof and floor members. After that, each crane lifted one section into place while the ironworkers bolted and welded the attachments to the buildings on either side. The end sections were then welded to the middle, creating one complete box truss.

Quick and easy fit-up was crucial since the entrance to the Community North Hospital emergency room on the ground floor was shut down for just 24 hours to facilitate erection.