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Ids Bowling Tournament

News Headline: Ids Bowling Tournament
Date: September 10, 2018

IDS-Manila Office 

August 18, 2018, Saturday 

SM Annex, SM North Edsa, Quezon City 


The bowling lanes at SM Bowling & Leisure Center of SM Annex North Edsa never failed to see these Bowling alley sceneries: 


Different approaches of players towards the alley… 

Throws with funny but interesting stance 

Right-handers and left handers engaged to perfect their shots… 

Eyes unmoved looking towards the ball down the alley… or to the gutter 

Shouts of dismay or high-toned cheers…. 

Craze of passionate hard-core bowlers…. 

Apprehensive newbies standing by the foul line gaining confidence afterwards… 

Instant learners of firsters in the alley….. 


For the first time, IDS held a bowling tournament for employees together with their families.  Participants came early wearing their uniforms with varied colors.  Participating employees were divided into 7 groups/color, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Violet and Yellow. The players were grouped randomly to ensure skills are divided among all teams as well as for the employees to get to know other employees as well. 


The program started with a prayer led by Leslie Almojera of QA Department.  Ms. Michelle Smith, the new CEO gave the opening remarks and Mr. Corby Tolentino, President, gave an inspirational speech that formally opened the tournament.  Mr. Maynard Conde led the Oath of Sportsmanship and the tournament rules and format were also discussed to all employees. 


A 5-minute shadow bowling was given to all players to warm them up before the actual games. 

All participants from each team color went through the elimination round (play 1), competing with their team members who would be the top 4 males and 3 females.  These 7 top players went up to Play 2.  All 7 players of each team will play for the Top 3 teams for the Championship category.  After the computation of scores, the players of each team for the Final Round were announced.  There were deafening shouts every time the name of a player is called.  Pressure to win in the Final Round got more intense and among the 7 teams, 3 got through the Championship and proved who the real strikers were.  You could feel the pressure final-rounders’ felt as they were cheered by their teammates. 


The winner of Championship round will be the team with the highest cumulative scores in 1 round of bowling.  The top 3 teams received cash prizes and medals for the championship players. And they are: 


Grand Champion Violet Team
2nd Place Yellow Team
3rd Place Red Team


The event ended up with a hope that everyone will play again at the alley with better scores and more strikes. 


IDS Cebu 

August 21, 2018, Tuesday 

SM Seaside Bowling Center 

SM Seaside, South Road Properties, Cebu City 


The employees of IDS Cebu had a great time of strikes, guttered balls, and lots of laughter as they got their turns to have leisure activity after office.  The group of 15 went straight for dinner first near the location of the bowling lane to warm up themselves first before playing to match strength with the other players of the group. 

The group was divided into 3 teams of 5 members each, from each team, the top three were chosen to face it off in the final games.  

Three top scorers were picked as the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and champion. 

These were Eldin Burgos, Rodney Ricaborda and Christian Ortiza, respectively. 

For the others, though it was more of gutter balls than strikes or even spares, what mattered was the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie, after all, bowling is a sport of talking and bonding while waiting for your turn, with 6 seconds of exercise, when you finally get your turn to roll the ball.  


The Bowling Tournament was really a thrilling activity to every single person, no energy was wasted, simple but sophisticated for it requires art of perfection, a perfect workout too for all parts of the body were used, a real good thing to learn “focusing on the target”, perfect mind-setting, life lessons like stand back up after a fall, gets hysterical when ball gets to the gutter and shout for joy when all pins are down. 

The end of the line is, no one said that Bowling was boring.